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Through the relationship of wife and husband, Kerry and Mike Semrad, a kindred spirit of music has been present. Finding their voices through original songs has become an uplifting journey that transcends just husband and wife; It’s a connection within the listeners and together they find that deep comfort in the soul that is driven by the sound a family creates. Kerry, coming from a background of gospel and blues, lends vocals to Mike’s country and rock influences to make a sound that can only be described as Americana.


Joined by an onslaught of Lincoln’s finest; Brian McGovern on mandolin, Nate Morris on drums, Jack Rodenberg on keyboards, and Benjamin Cole on upright bass, The Bottle Tops settle for nothing less than pure radiating joy out of every audience member.

On any weekend, you can see the band rocking every club from the Midwest honky tonks to large theatres and a devoted fan base of old to young dancing and singing along to their original songs.